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3D Characters

3D Animation and Design

3D modeling, texturing and animation is a strong area of interest which I try to incorporate in my projects. I use several different software tools, primarily Lightwave for animation and rendering, modo for modeling and UV mapping, and Blender for compositing. In such a fast moving field the tools and my interest continue to evolve.

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(619) 582-7913
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    Computer graphics tools are developing at a rapid pace allowing individuals to accomplish images and presentation that were only available to high-end studios just a few years ago. While the tools continue to evolve it is the artistic vision and understanding that makes the difference between using the tools and creating memorable and meaningful images. The video below is the intro part of a full presentation. I did the modeling, texture and preliminary animation, compositing with sky in this case, was done by a colleague.  
  A more complete "fly-around" was used for the promotional DVD to help the donors to visualize the completed aircraft in a museum setting to be built.  
  My continued interest in NPR (non-photographic rendering techniques) included this brief image test, just for fun.  
  Here are two examples of 3D cross-eyed illustration I completed for a different client. I did not do the original drawing, but created the 3D versions for their web site. If you are capable, cross your eyes and enjoy the effect.3D, stereo cross eyed pair

3D, stereo cross eyed pair


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