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"I Want to Fly" a Children's Book

This is the first complete book illustration based on one of the stories that I have written.

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I Want to Fly


The first draft of this book sprang to life in 1992, as an autobiographical
remembrance of my efforts as a 10-11 year old boy to achieve my wishes to fly. I completed four(4) pages of colored pencil and ink drawings, before doing the remainder of the book in pencil sketches, handbound with a color cover.
It remained in that state above my desk, awaiting inspiration and skills, for further development.
Original Book Cover

It wasn’t until 2019 that I felt I had the skills necessary to complete
all of the pages in the manner I wanted, utilizing 3D (Blender) to create the characters and the sets for each illustration. My original mock up reminded me, at that time, that I tend to do 'one off' drawings, which did not lend themselves to book length consistent characters.
Multiple additions and revisions were included before it was completed.

All of the images for this version, were created using Blender 3D open source software, rather than handdrawn, which allowed me to keep a consistent character throughout the books development, along with the environments and set design to elaborate the story. It also allowed me to generate more non-photorealistic renders to be composited in an attempt to replicate my own drawing style of line drawing and the look of colored pencil and
watercolor like images.

Initial first draft edit was provided by Alice Hartsuyker, before more
extensive additions to the text. A second draft edit was provided my Linnea
Hartsuyker, and final punctuation and word check was provided by
Nicolas Bellardie who found my work online and offered his help.
Finally, appreciation to Barbara Hartsuyker for image critiques in progress, and Mark Hartsuyker for his ‘camera’ eye critiques of composition.

At an early age I was keen on creating any number of models and drawings, trying out my ideas with 'big plans' in mind.
  Bedroom Scene
  I created an imagined version of my childhood house and neighborhood to fit the context of the story being told usually including "the Crow" or the Cat to enliven the scene.
Street Scene


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