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The visual aspects of the production have been broken into eight competitions; Character Design, Set Design, Story Boards, Modeling, Texturing, Lighting and Animation. The winning entry from each of these competitions, will go directly into the finished short film.

Below is a composite render of the character of the musician above that I have textured and submitted. The original character design and modeling was done by other participants before I became involved. I "co-won" the texturing segment of the project. Other phases are in development.


I recommend and use Blender for full animation and rendering. It is the tool of choice for all of my current work. They have an excellent forum and assist "noobies" as well as experienced users.
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I have been involved in wide scope of interests and projects some of which I have provided links to on this page.

If you have any questions not addressed by this page, please call the studio for clarification
619-582-7913, or send an email to: paul@hartworks.net