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    Burns parodyCharacters can include the more obvious representations of people, real or imagined, but characters can include any element that takes on a dynamic communicative role in a drama. While the tools continue to evolve it is the artistic vision and understanding that make the difference between using the tools and creating memorable and meaningful images.  
Musician & Bum
These two characters are being developed for "The Short Project," an open source competition short film project that was created by Greg Sullivan (www.artofsullivan.com) and a expanding crew. The idea for the characters was created and won by Alex Wohlrab (www.alex-wohlrab.de), while the character modeling was won by Charles Wood (www.limitsurface.com). I became aware of the project when the texturing Phase was opened. Visit the official web site to see more of the discussion of the project. I was thrilled to have "co-won" the texturing phase of the project. www.shortproject.com
email: paul@hartworks.net

3D Characters and Texture Design
3D modeling, texturing combine to create characters that only existed in imagination before. If it can be imagined then there is the possibility to bring it to life. I use several different software tools. At this time I primarily used Lightwave for animation and rendering and modo for modeling and UV mapping, Blender for compositing, and Photoshop and my digital camera to create textures and visions to populate my 3D realms. In such a fast moving field the tools and my interest continue to evolve. I currently use Blender almost exclusively.

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