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Turn of century classic photo with stain removed and detail returned

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Badly color faded image, re-colored with client direction

Slide 3

Light damaged family photo, restored in values and detail

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Remarkable photo with period outfit, torn, creased, stained, revived

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Pioneer school photo, faded, damaged, stained, now restored

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Fascinating beach photo, period bathing suits, restored with care

Slide 7

Precious wedding photo with coffee stain removed

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First of it's kind car, brought back from the lost world of memory

Slide 9

Midwest frontier school kids now ready to view

Slide 10

Midwest family portrait, transformed

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Badly damaged portrait, transformed

Phone contact is available between 10:00am and 5:00pm Monday thru Friday. (619) 269-8939 Voice Mail 24/7 Special contact can be arranged for Saturdays if I am available and called in advance. email:

      I provide photo restoration services to individuals & families in San Diego county and can easily work with people beyond the San Diego area via email. I have worked with images from the earliest days of photography, daguerreotypes, tintypes, and all periods since then. I am very careful with your originals, scanning then at a resolution consistent with your goals, and only make the changes to the digital original.

      If you have photos that need repair or alterations, please call for a free consultation. I have placed people in group shots and taken people out, corrected faded and damaged photos. All completed work is printed on photo quality. heavy weight. acid-free paper with archival museum grade inks that do not fade.

      Unfortunately, all regular photos fade, some very quickly due to the original quality, and the conditions that have taken place since they were first created. Elements that effect photos include the quality of the paper and photo service, humidity, light, heat, molds, and just time itself.

      Typically the paper will degrade and yellow, making the faux "sepia" look of some older photos, but this also degrades the contrast by making the "whites" of a photo less defined. The "blacks" in the photo usually "wash out" and become medium-dark greys. Both of these conditions make the photo appear lower contrast and less detailed. When working with color images a slightly different process takes place. While the considerations mentioned for black and white photos are still relevant, a separate consideration is that color photos are composed to three(3) separate layers of color, each of which can fade or deteriorate at different rates and must be corrected using different techniques.

      I have been providing quality photo restoration services in San Diego county for more than twenty(20) years, and have taught the techniques in local Community Colleges

      Contact me if you have questions

      Call to set an appointment for a free consultation. Directions to the studio will be provided for clients in the San Diego area. I am located in the East end of Mission Valley off of Waring Rd. & Zion, easy access to Highway 8 and 15.
      Please call me directly, so I can answer your questions easily. I also can respond to emails, but voice communication often works best, to describe the nature of the photos and what may be involved in your particular project.

Hartworks business card for photorestoration

Collage of images